2015.06.29 (mon)

SHIMA-SHIMA New Scene Show at Isetan Tokyo

Isetan Department Store in Tokyo held a 2-week event, “SHIMA-SHIMA New Scene Show”, from March 25 ~ April 7. Featured in a beautiful space were many new SHIMA-SHIMA products, as well as items designed by the following creators:

Hans Wegner, PP Mobler, Copenhagen, Denmark ~ Circle Chair
Idem, Paris, France ~ fine-art prints
Hizume Nobuki, Paris, France ~ hats
G x L, Milano, Italy ~ lamps
kyoko, Milano, Italy ~ fashion and cushions
Mosaicodigitale, Bari, Italy ~ custom tiles
Costruzioni, Pavia, Italy ~ fashion
Laboratorio Capri, Capri, Italy ~ fashion
Tendo Mokko, Japan ~ furniture
Imabari, Japan ~ towels
Mino, Japan ~ paper

The Italian participants from Costruzioni and Laboratorio Capri had traveled to Tokyo for this event, helping to make the show quite special. We were pleased to see that our show was well received by visitors.

Tokyo, March 25, 2015

left: Hans Wegner “Circle Chair”, PP Mobler
right: Tendo Mokko chair

top: Idem fine-art prints
bottom: Mosaicodigitale custom tiles

G x L : lamps in fabric, LED and wood

kyoko x SHIMA-SHIMA : jacket and skirt


Laboratorio Capri

cushions and bags