2013.06.26 (wed)

interiorlifestyle TOKYO Exhibition

The interiorlifestyle TOKYO exhibition took place from June 5~7, at Tokyo Big Site in Japan.
Visitors to our space included our current customers,
as well as new people who were interested in SHIMA-SHIMA.
Six new designs were introduced at the show.

We had decided to re-create the design of the Maison & Objet 2013 booth for this show,
and were very pleased to be given the Interior Lifestyle Space Design Award for 2013 !
We were selected out of all of the participants of the exhibition,
on basis of the excellence of company policy and products.
The award ceremony was held on June 6th, the second day of the show.
We are especially pleased because this was the second time to win this award. In 2011.
we were selected out of 521 exhibitors, and was awarded the JID (Japan Interior Designer)
Design Award,which one of the 5 awards within the Interior Lifestyle Award.

We received a beautiful trophy for the dynamic design of our space,
that accentuated the stripe-design of the SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics.

The JID award was granted to us, in recognition of our concept of
taking the quality and colors of the cotton fabrics that were originally woven
at the beginning of the Edo period (1600′s~) to be used as “hakama” and “obi”,
and infusing it with a modern touch.
The superb quality and beauty of the SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics was appraised
to be equally appropriate for markets in Japan and overseas.

We are more motivated than ever to create new SHIMA-SHIMA collections for next year!!

Please see the photos from interiorlifestyle TOKYO exhibition.

Milano, June 10, 2013