2013.06.26 (wed)

interiorlifestyle TOKYO Exhibition

The interiorlifestyle TOKYO exhibition took place from June 5~7, at Tokyo Big Site in Japan.
Visitors to our space included our current customers,
as well as new people who were interested in SHIMA-SHIMA.
Six new designs were introduced at the show.

We had decided to re-create the design of the Maison & Objet 2013 booth for this show,
and were very pleased to be given the Interior Lifestyle Space Design Award for 2013 !
We were selected out of all of the participants of the exhibition,
on basis of the excellence of company policy and products.
The award ceremony was held on June 6th, the second day of the show.
We are especially pleased because this was the second time to win this award. In 2011.
we were selected out of 521 exhibitors, and was awarded the JID (Japan Interior Designer)
Design Award,which one of the 5 awards within the Interior Lifestyle Award.

We received a beautiful trophy for the dynamic design of our space,
that accentuated the stripe-design of the SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics.

The JID award was granted to us, in recognition of our concept of
taking the quality and colors of the cotton fabrics that were originally woven
at the beginning of the Edo period (1600′s~) to be used as “hakama” and “obi”,
and infusing it with a modern touch.
The superb quality and beauty of the SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics was appraised
to be equally appropriate for markets in Japan and overseas.

We are more motivated than ever to create new SHIMA-SHIMA collections for next year!!

Please see the photos from interiorlifestyle TOKYO exhibition.

Milano, June 10, 2013

2013.06.24 (mon)

Opening party at Costruzioni in Pavia

Last month, there was an opening party at Costruzioni,
a shop that specializes in beautiful items for interior design,
art, clothing and accessories.
Costruzioni celebrated its 21 year this year,
and is well worth the short trip from Milano to Pavia.

The photos show the wonderful selection of items,
the guests who attended the celebration, and delicious food
catered by Antonia Plati, the owner of il Ristorante Erba Luce.

Costruzioni has invited SHIMA-SHIMA to participate in an exhibition next spring,
for which we plan to create original SHIMA-SHIMA products in collaboration with Costruzioni.
Thank you, Marina and Alida!

Corso Garibaldi 5/E
27100 Pavia, Italy

store hours:
mon: 16:00 ~ 19:30
tues – sat: 9:30 ~ 13:00 / 16:00 ~ 19:30
sun: 16:00~ 19:30

tel: +39 0382 304728
email: costruzioni.a.m@virgilio.it
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CostruzioniIdeeDesign

Milano, June 14, 2013

beautiful storefront on Corso Garibaldi in Pavia

Marina Danova (center)

Marisa (left)

Sergio Calatroni (left) and Lars (right)

Marble table and felted wool lamp by Sergio Calatroni

2013.06.18 (tue)

June 17, 2013

In the past few months, KOKURA CREATION / SHIMA-SHIMA
has been featured in magazines that are published by major Italian newspapers.

◆La Repubblica [tuttoMILANO]

tuttoMILANO, a supplementary magazine
that is published by La Repubblica newspaper,
came out in April during the Milano Salone.

A textile collection that is austere and refined,
where the essential touch of the traditional Japanese pattern is interpreted in an innovative manner.
On exhibit are Shima Shima fabrics with stripes that appear to be three-dimensional,
and towels manufactured by Tanaka Industries.


On June 8, CASAMICA, the design magazine
that is included with the Saturday issue of Corriere della Sera newspaper,
featured our cushion project from the Vigevano prison sewing workshop.

online magazine:


Corriere della Sera, published in Milano,
is among the oldest and most reputable Italian newspapers.
CASAMICA is a magazine featuring news about home and design.

Milano, June 17, 2013

2013.06.18 (tue)

BANCO LOTTO N.10 in Venice

BANCO LOTTO N. !0 sells clothing and accessories
that were sewn by the female inmates of Giudecca prison in Venice.
When I visited the store in May with friends,
we saw clothing made of exclusive Rubelli fabrics,
as well as totebags made of recycled coffee-bean bags.

We were greeted by Sandra, who manages the store
and makes the accessories that embellish the products sold in the store.
This group is quite renown, as they are entrusted with important projects
such as the creation of costumes for the Teatro la Fenice.

Please check out their Facebook to see their impressive collection
of elegant clothing and accessories.

Thank you for the warm welcome, Sandra!

Salizzada Sant’Antonin
Venezia – Castello 3478/a

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BancoLotto10

Sandra and I in the center. In the white shirts are Agneta, Helena and Lars.

Milano, June 15, 2013

2013.06.18 (tue)

Tetrahedron “Pyramid Pochettes”

This month, we received an order from Costruzioni
for a SHIMA-SHIMA gift set,for a group of Italian gentlemen
who were to travel to Japan.

The key holder and tetrahedron pochettes were selected.
We hope they are pleased with this gift set.

Milano, June 16, 2013

2013.06.10 (mon)

Sabbie e Nebbie in Venice

I recently visited Sabbie e Nebbie (sand and fog in Italian),
a beautiful shop located in Venice, and spoke to owner Maria Teresa Laghi.
She has been selling SHIMA-SHIMA products for a few years,
along with many other well-designed objects from all over the globe.
The discerning aesthetic of the owner is quite evident in the simple yet elegant items in the shop.

A new collection of SHIMA-SHIMA products will be available this summer at Sabbie e Nebbie.
Thank you, Maria Teresa!

Calle dei Nomboli
San Polo 2768/a
30125 Venezia

store hours: mon-sat 10:00~12:30 / 16:00 ~ 19:30

tel: +39 041 719073
email: mtlaghi@alice.it

Milano, June 10, 2013