2012.12.25 (tue)


“The Sound of Silence Collection”

<This year, our booth will be at HALL 7 Scènes d’intérieur D133>

This is the fifth year that Kokura Stripes will be participating in JAPAN BRAND,
sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Having received favorable feedback from the numerous foreign companies
that visited Japan Brand 2012,we have become increasingly confident of the strength
and possibilities of Kokura Stripes.

For 2013, we have added three new types of fabrics to our Kokura Stripes Collection.
Please come to see and touch our new Kokura Stripes fabrics,
to understand the excellent quality of our unique collection.

2012.12.10 (mon)

SHIMA-SHIMA diploma for inmates

December 10, 2012

Last month, the 5 inmates received diplomas in recognition of the skills acquired
in the SHIMA-SHIMA Sewing Workshop.
The staff of the prison and directors of San Vincenzo De Paoli attended the graduation ceremony.
Our girls were nicely dressed in their own clothes, as Italian prisons do not require uniforms.
The diploma was printed in Italian and Japanese, for a special touch.
After the presentation of diplomas, we celebrated with tasty Italian pastries and panettone,
which is a sweet bread originating from Milano.

Since the workshop was so well received, we have been able to continue our workshop
to the 2nd level.
We would like to thank all of the staff at Casa Circondariale of Vigevano,
for supporting our lessons.
To show our gratitude, Kokura Creation / SHIMA-SHIMA has donated a sewing machine
to the prison.
The 5 inmates really appreciate having a new machine that sews well!

And it is a timely gift, as we are currently working on a big order for the “Pyramid Bags”
featured in last month’s blog post.
December promises to be a busy month!

Giovanna & Kyoko
Milano, December 2012

With special thanks to:

The Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli
Banco Del Monte of Lombardia Foundation
Dr. Davide Pisapia, Director of Casa Circondariale di Vigevano