2012.10.30 (tue)

Festive bags for the holidays

Autumn 2012

 This month the inmates are working on variations of a decorated bag. The tassels, which are made by hand then decorated with braid and beads, have turned out quite nicely. The SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics can either be used on the outside of the bags, or on the inside. We also used Italian fabrics on the outside, lined with SHIMA-SHIMA stripes, for a special touch. These bags are fun to sew, and will make perfect gifts for the holidays.

 In November, we will hand out diplomas to the five inmates who have successfully completed our course. Due to a unanimous request, we will start the second semester next month! With Giovanna providing tips on trends and concepts, and Kyoko focusing on skills, we think we make a good team.

 We have gotten to know the women of the sewing course quite well, and find them to be very creative and eager to master the many techniques we have covered in our 60-hour sewing workshop. It is a pleasure to work with them, and each 4-hour course passes “in the blink of an eye”.

Giovanna & Kyoko
Milano,  October 2012

With special thanks to:

The Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli
Banco Del Monte of Lombardia Foundation
Dr. Davide Pisapia, Director of Casa Circondariale di Vigevano