2012.09.24 (mon)

Update for Italian prison sewing workshop

September 2012

The inmates enjoyed making various projects from June to September. In August we took a 3-week summer break, leaving some “homework” to work on during vacation.

At the end of summer, the 7 women had made tote bags and matching hats, dresses for grandchildren, as well as small items for home decoration.

Our sewing workshop re-opened at the end of August.  We are now working on items for an exhibition that will take place this autumn.

At the moment we are creating items that have to do with health.  In Italy, there are many people who suffer from stiff necks, and our “bone cushions” are a bit hit!

We are also making SHIMA-SHIMA neck scarves that contain bags filled with rice, which are heated in the microwave.

At the start of each lesson, the 7 women greet us with smiles, and are enthusiastic to learn new sewing skills. It is a true pleasure to teach them!

Giovanna & Kyoko
Milano,  September 2012


bag filled with rice, with SHIMA-SHIMA cover

neck-scarf that can be heated

With special thanks to:

The Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli
Banco Del Monte of Lombardia Foundation
Dr. Davide Pisapia, Director of Casa Circondariale di Vigevano