2012.08.13 (mon)

A sewing-workshop for female inmates

Summer 2012

In June, SHIMA-SHIMA opened a sewing-workshop for female inmates at a prison in Vigevano, a city that is about 33 km from Milano. The prison is located in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful green fields of corn and clear blue skies.
The workshop is promoted by San Vincenzo De Paoli, a charity that assists needy and marginalized people. The course, which uses Kokura Stripes fabrics, is art-directed by Giovanna Fiorenza and taught by Kyoko Tsuchihashi. The 7 female participants are learning technical aspects of sewing, as well as Japanese techniques such as “tsumami kanzashi” flowers. It is very exciting to see how the Italian sense of design is incorporated into creations made of Japanese fabrics.

We will post updates on our workshop, to show the fruits of our Japan-Italy collaboration.

We would like to thank the following for their kind support:
The Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli
Banco Del Monte of Lombardia Foundation
Dr. Davide Pisapia, Director of Casa Circondariale di Vigevano

Giovanna & Kyoko
Milano, August 2012