2016.12.29 (thu)

“Atabaque in Kokura Stripes” at Il Piccolo, Brera ~ Milano

On December 15, at Il Piccolo showroom in Brera, there was an inauguration for “Atabaque in Kokura Stripes”, 6 lamps designed by Alessio Monti. The dynamic lamps incorporated SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics with various types of wood and metal. Noriko Tsuiki’s hand-woven fabrics were on exhibit, as well as kimonos, cushions and other products by Kokura Creation.

Also on exhibit were Alessio’s unique furniture and box-shelves, essential designs which are enhanced with the use of leather and wood.

The Danish company KBH exhibited a large, beautifully crafted table made of fumed oak and a series of chairs.

The opening party was attended by a lively group of people from the world of design in Milano. See the photos, for a glimpse of the wonderful reception. The installation will close on December 31.



IL PICCOLO Architettura degli Interni
Via Delio Tessa, 1, 20121
Milano, Italy
tel: 02-874819

Il Piccolo Milano site:


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Alessio Monti’s company, Matì :



KBH ~ Kobenhavns Mobelsnedkeri



Milano, December 28, 2016

Photo credit: Simone Becchetti


Il Piccolo owner, Andrea Galimberti

Noriko Tsuiki and Alessio Monti




Kyoko Tsuchihashi, Noriko Tsuiki, Andrea Galimberti, Alessio Monti, Rossella Menegazzo

Noriko and hand-woven works

Noriko’s work

Alessio !

Il Piccolo staff and friend

When the lamps are switched on, stripes appear on the lampshade…

SHIMA-SHIMA Japanese paper used for the lampshade

KBH’s Roger and Kim, with Andrea

Noriko, Kyoko, Laura


Roger and Kim

Foreground: KBH oak table and chairs
Background: Alessio Monti wood and leather box-shelves

Sergio Calatroni, Luisa Cevese, Noriko


Design: Alessio Monti


Paolo and Gabriella










Design: KBH