2017.04.04 (tue)

Milan Design Week report

The setup was to be completed。
It will start from today!

SHIMA-SHIMA at Il Piccolo Architettura degli interni

SHIMA-SHIMA at Il Piccolo Architettura degli interni

SHIMA-SHIMA at Il Piccolo Architettura degli interni

Milan Design Week 2017
SHIMA-SHIMA at Il Piccolo Architettura degli interni
April 4-9,2017
Il Piccolo, Via Delio Tessa 1, Milano 20121



2016.12.29 (thu)

“Atabaque in Kokura Stripes” at Il Piccolo, Brera ~ Milano

On December 15, at Il Piccolo showroom in Brera, there was an inauguration for “Atabaque in Kokura Stripes”, 6 lamps designed by Alessio Monti. The dynamic lamps incorporated SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics with various types of wood and metal. Noriko Tsuiki’s hand-woven fabrics were on exhibit, as well as kimonos, cushions and other products by Kokura Creation.

Also on exhibit were Alessio’s unique furniture and box-shelves, essential designs which are enhanced with the use of leather and wood.

The Danish company KBH exhibited a large, beautifully crafted table made of fumed oak and a series of chairs.

The opening party was attended by a lively group of people from the world of design in Milano. See the photos, for a glimpse of the wonderful reception. The installation will close on December 31.



IL PICCOLO Architettura degli Interni
Via Delio Tessa, 1, 20121
Milano, Italy
tel: 02-874819

Il Piccolo Milano site:


Il Piccolo Lugano site:



Alessio Monti’s company, Matì :



KBH ~ Kobenhavns Mobelsnedkeri



Milano, December 28, 2016

Photo credit: Simone Becchetti


Il Piccolo owner, Andrea Galimberti

Noriko Tsuiki and Alessio Monti




Kyoko Tsuchihashi, Noriko Tsuiki, Andrea Galimberti, Alessio Monti, Rossella Menegazzo

Noriko and hand-woven works

Noriko’s work

Alessio !

Il Piccolo staff and friend

When the lamps are switched on, stripes appear on the lampshade…

SHIMA-SHIMA Japanese paper used for the lampshade

KBH’s Roger and Kim, with Andrea

Noriko, Kyoko, Laura


Roger and Kim

Foreground: KBH oak table and chairs
Background: Alessio Monti wood and leather box-shelves

Sergio Calatroni, Luisa Cevese, Noriko


Design: Alessio Monti


Paolo and Gabriella










Design: KBH


2016.12.29 (thu)

Madama Butterfly at Teatro alla Scala, Milano

On December 7th, there was a festive atmosphere in Piazza Duomo, with crowds of people who had gathered to enjoy the lighting-up ceremony of the enormous Christmas tree, complete with a live-concert and a performance by illuminated butterfly-dancers.

In Piazzo Duomo, a historic building was the location for a musical advent calendar from December 1~24, with a musician at a window on the1st, increasing every day until all 24 windows were open for a 30 minute concert on Christmas Eve.

Also on December 7th, Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly opened the opera season at the Scala, in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Italy relations. The opera was televised by RAI, the Italian national public broadcasting company. Tickets were sold out for this opera, which is very popular with Italians. Noriko Tsuiki and I were fortunate to be able to get gallery seats by standing in queue for quite a while.

YouTube : RAI video

All over Milano, there are events on the Madama Butterfly theme. The windows of Rinascente department store are now decorated with beautiful and quirky displays of mannequins in kimonos, that wear headphones, facing a retro-style black and white television.

Milano, December 27, 2016



butterfly dancers


musical advent calendar

December schedule for Teatro alla Scala

Madama Butterfly


Rinascente window









2016.12.14 (wed)

Visit Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro Exhibition : Palazzo Reale, Milano

The exhibition, which will continue until January 29, 2017, has been huge success from the very start. On the weekends in particular, there is often a long queue that nearly reaches Piazza Duomo !

Produced by the city of Milano and MondoMostre Skira, curated by Rossella Menegazzo, professor of Asian Art HIstory at Universita degli Studi of MIlano, this exhibition is one of the most important events during 2016, commemorating the 150th anniversary of relations between Italy and Japan.

A collection of SHIMA-SHIMA products is being sold in the Skira book shop, at the exit of the exhibition at Palazzo Reale.

Palazzo Reale site:

Address: Piazza del Duomo 12, Milano, Italy
Phone: +39 02 8846 5230

Milano, Dec 12, 2016

shima-shima milan blog

shima-shima milan blog
September weekend

shima-shima milan blog
Long line ….

shima-shima milan blog
Rossella Menegazzo to the right, and her sister Lori Menegazzo (jewelry designer) to the left.

shima-shima milan blog
Lori’s jewelry collection, made of Japanese fabrics.

shima-shima milan blog
Lori’s flower-earrings made of SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics.
Photo credit:
Nunolab Venice Facebook:

shima-shima milan blog

shima-shima milan blog

shima-shima milan blog

shima-shima milan blog
November weekend

2016.09.10 (sat)

Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro Exhibition : Palazzo Reale, Milano

From September 22, 2016 ~ January 29 2017, Palazzo Reale in Milano will hold an exhibition of over 200 works by
Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro, that are on loan from the Honolulu Academy of Arts collection.
The exhibition is produced by the city of Milano and MondoMostre Skira, curated by Rossella Menegazzo, professor
of Asian Art HIstory at Universita degli Studi of MIlano.

This exhibition is one of the most important events of many that are organized in 2016, in commemoration of the
150th anniversary of relations between Italy and Japan.

Palazzo Reale site:


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 7.33.25 AM
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.38.18 PM

Address: Piazza del Duomo 12, Milano, Italy
Phone: +39 02 8846 5230

A collection of SHIMA-SHIMA products will be sold in the Skira book shop, within Palazzo Reale.

Milano, Sept 9, 2016


2016.09.06 (tue)

Simple Bag’s Journey : Villa Panza

A short one-hour journey will take one to Varese, to visit an unusual exhibition of contemporary American art.

Villa Panza is an beautiful mid-18th century villa, that is famous for splendid gardens measuring 33,000 m2 and an impressive collection of modern art.

In 1996, the last owner, Giuseppe Panza, donated the villa and all artworks to FAI (Fondazione Ambiente Italiano) a foundation which protects Italian heritage and culture.

The juxtaposition of modern art in a 18th century setting is alluring, and is well worth a visit.

Address: Piazza Litta, 1, 21100 Varese VA, Italy
Telephone: +39 0332 283960

Milano, Sept 6, 2016


2016.01.30 (sat)

2016 : 150th anniversary of Japan ~ Italy relations

150 years ago, on August 25, 1866, Japan and Italy signed a treaty which initiated diplomatic relations between the two countries. During its long history, there have been exchanges in many fields such as politics, economy and culture, maintaining good relations throughout the years, and enjoying strong ties to this day.

During EXPO Milano 2015, the Japan Pavilion was awarded Gold Medal in exhibition design. In October, at the closing of the event, there were record numbers of visitors who wanted to see the pavilion, standing in queue for over 10 hours. The people of Milano have always held an interest in Japanese culture. Every year in April, the world’s largest furniture ~ design fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, is held in this city, with many Japanese companies and designers in participation.

Kokura Creation’s SHIMA-SHIMA collection has shown at Salone three times in the past, and this year for the 55th edition of Salone, we will be at the University of Milano (Statale) location which is coordinated by INTERNI magazine. What better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Japan ~ Italy relations, and the 400th year of Kokura fabrics, revived by Kokura Stripes Japan!

Milano, Jan 29, 2016

2016.01.02 (sat)

Holiday season in Milano

It has been a fairly warm this winter, a wonderful season to walk around the city to enjoy the holiday illuminations. Here are some scenes from Naviglio Grande canal, and the new Darsena area. There is an ice-skate rink this year, and canoe rides with participants dressed up like Santa. And the many restaurants and casual bars that offer “happy hour”, some on land and some on the canal, are especially festive this time of year.

Corso Como is another nice place to visit, with beautifully decorated shops and restaurants. Milano will be in a festive mood until the end of the first week of January !

Milano, Jan 1, 2016







corso como

corso como

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