2012.11.19 (mon)

Pyramid bags

November 2012

This month, the inmates made many of these pyramid-shaped tetrahedron bags with SHIMA-SHIMA fabrics.
In addition, they volunteered to make a large quantity of these bags for a charity event, using donated fabrics and zippers.

We inserted the zippers, using a special technique, which achieves a clean finish at the top of the pyramid.
Hand-woven braid and button accents were used for decoration.

We are preparing a line of SHIMA-SHIMA items for an exhibition, to take place in spring 2013.

Giovanna & Kyoko
Milano,  November 2012

With special thanks to:

The Society of San Vincenzo De Paoli
Banco Del Monte of Lombardia Foundation
Dr. Davide Pisapia, Director of Casa Circondariale di Vigevano